Doug Glanville

Doug Glanville

Jeter's Real Gift

The New York Times
September 19, 2014
by Doug Glanville

Five Statistical Facts about Doug Glanville

The Cleat Report

August 25, 2014

by Cleat Reporter Tim

Doug Glanville is quite possibly the classiest man to ever play Major League Baseball. In all of the years I went to Veterans Stadium I never once saw him turn down a fan for autographs and he frequently would stay until he made sure everyone received his signature. Because of this I have a fondness for him and thought for his birthday, August 25th, I would honor him by letting you know five statistical facts about him.

Warning: This will be incredibly biased

Head for Home

The New York Times
August 1, 2014
by Doug Glanville

Cano's Fresh Start

The New York Times

April 11, 2014

By Doug Glanville

The Book on Jeter

The New York Times

February 12, 2014

By Doug Glanville

Glanville Likes Byrd's Versatility

November 17, 2103

by Staff Writer Donald Hunt 

Doug Glanville has known Marlon Byrd a long time.

Glanville, a baseball analyst for ESPN, played with Byrd during his early days with the Philadelphia Phillies. Byrd, 36, was originally selected by the Phillies in the 10th round of the 1999 draft and will be returning to the Phillies.

Talking Existential Baseball With Doug Glanville

November 6, 2013

HuffPost Sports

by David Macaray  

Doug Glanville is one of those real-life "triple threats" that you occasionally hear about. A gifted athlete (nine seasons of major league baseball), an intellectual (Ivy League graduate and author), and -- in this age of in-your-face self-aggrandizement -- a genuinely thoughtful and modest man.

The Ghosts of October

The New York Times

October 24, 2013

by Doug Glanville

As I push my 4-year-old daughter on the swing, I wonder when the day will come when she will not need me to supply the power. My children remind me that time is marching on even when the frenetic pace of a parenting day convinces us that we don’t have time to age.


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