Doug Glanville

Doug Glanville

How A-Rod Doesn't Add Up

The New York Times

August 5, 2013

By Doug Glanville

Before I played a single game of professional baseball, I was a fan. If my brother and I weren’t chipping the paint off our parents’ garage door with wayward pitches during an extra-inning session of Wiffle ball, we were playing simulated games like Strat-O-Matic or baseball on our then popular ’80s Intellivision video game system.

Player’s Viewpoint on Jason Collins: Sport Isn’t About Machismo


April 30, 2013

by Doug Glanville

With Jason Collins coming out, he helps us focus on what really matters.

Offspring Training

The New York Times

March 15, 2013

by Doug Glanville

I do not claim to know what my playing career meant in the grand scheme of baseball. All I know for sure is that I found a passion I could express on a diamond. For this I am eternally grateful. Yet after my career was over, I found myself adrift from the game. A post-retirement stasis of sorts. In a way, it also kept my new family from embracing baseball.

Middle of outfield center of attention this offseason

More than a dozen teams plan to sport a new player at critical defensive position

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One Among Many


October 12, 2012

by Doug Glanville

Most major leaguers begin their baseball lives head and shoulders above other players. They may have dominated Little League; at school, they might have stood tall even as freshmen among seniors; later, maybe they were a very high draft pick. Even so, there’s always a moment when they realize there is, and always will be, someone better.

Are Sports Fans Really Out of Control?


October 10, 2012

by Doug Glanville

Fans have been unruly lately, but if we focus on specific incidents we lose sight of the overwhelming positive support.

A Father to Baseball


September 29, 2012

by Doug Glanville

It is the end of the regular season, and time for goodbyes. I remember walking off the field in 2002, after we played our last game. One of my Phillies teammates said it was “a sad time” because you will never play with this same group again. So we gave out big hugs, knowing this nuclear family would forever be dispersed.


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