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Freedom became more than money, it was opportunity, it was a fresh start, and it was an escape.

December 13, 2019
I waited a long time to become a free agent. From the time I was first drafted, it was over 10 years before I earned the right to exercise this choice. 
I entered free agency after my father had been gravely ill for three years, an illness to which he would succumb by the end of the 2002 season. It made me re-think what would go into my decision to embrace my new freedom. 

"One important virtue to deal with the period of free agency is patience."

December 6, 2019
Free agency, although an important player right, is not a glorious time for most players, especially when you are just hoping to get a phone call. I had three years in free agency.
2003 – Texas
2004 – Philadelphia
2005 – Yankees (released at end of camp)
- Doug Glanville
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