Cal Ripken Jr.

"I have known Doug Glanville for many years and always enjoyed competing against him. Doug was a great student of the game and someone who seemed to enjoy his playing career and took a lot from it. That is demonstrated in The Game from Where I Stand. Doug paints a very entertaining and accurate picture of the game that we love. This book will make you laugh and provides wonderful insights about our national pastime."

Peter Gammons

"When I was a teenager, Jim Brosnan’s The Long Season changed the way I looked at baseball, but over the years I tended to read books by players and managers as studies in self-interest. Doug Glanville’s book is different. The Game from Where I Stand is an honest, thoughtful, and insightful perspective on baseball, and Glanville’s unadulterated respect for the sport and its people never wavers. This isn’t good, it is brilliant."

Jimmy Rollins, Phillies, All-Star and former MVP of the National League

"Most fans know us only by what they see in the highlights on TV. But as Doug Glanville knows so well, being a professional athlete doesn’t make us exempt from the world that exists outside the lines – we are very much a part of it, but we can’t let it show. (That’s not professional!) In this book Doug goes beyond the playing field to bring into view the full reality of being in the major leagues."

George F. Will

"Doug Glanville wants to tell fans about the texture of life—its stresses and pleasures—in the big leagues. Glanville, just your basic Ivy League-educated outfielder, has done fans a nifty favor."

Library Journal

"This entertaining, insightful, and humorous (read about his visits to Montreal) book is also provocative [and] inspiring beyond the baseball shelves..... Deserving to be a bestseller, it will be appreciated by all kinds of mentors and mentees, as well as fans of the game!"

Terry Francona

"I have been a major league manager for 11 years. I had the pleasure of managing Doug for three of those years in Philadelphia. Dougie was always extremely articulate and well spoken and it certainly comes across in his book. He was the smartest guy on our team, the most humble, and he could lay out base hits with anyone in the league! He was a joy to be around. As good as he was in center field I didn't doubt he would be even more successful off the field!"

Josh Byrnes, Special Assistant to the GM, San Diego Padres

"As a former GM with nearly 20 years in MLB front offices, I have learned to consider every piece of information in order to build the best team possible. Doug offers tremendous insights about the game. Even more compelling is his ability to humanize his journey as a player. We all know that the game is not easy and that the players are human beings. This book illuminates many of the challenges, thrills and emotions involved in professional baseball."

Frank Coppenbarger, Philadelphia Phillies Director of Team Travel & Clubhouse Services

"As someone who has enjoyed the good fortune of being able to spend a life working in the game of baseball, I can honestly say that Doug takes you on a realistic journey on what goes on inside. Baseball fans of any level will come away with a true feeling of what being in the game is really like."

Edwin Rodriguez, Manager, Florida Marlins

"The Game from Where I Stand is a 'reality' book that shows that the glamorous perception of the job comes with a lot of responsibility, personal sacrifice and commitment, with no room for shortcuts. Doug is the right person to expose this side of the game."

Derrek Lee, Player, Baltimore Orioles

"The Game from Where I Stand is a great book showing that professional athletes are human. It gives true perspective of a major leaguer mindset on and off the field during what is a grueling season."



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