Five Statistical Facts about Doug Glanville

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August 25, 2014

by Cleat Reporter Tim

Doug Glanville is quite possibly the classiest man to ever play Major League Baseball. In all of the years I went to Veterans Stadium I never once saw him turn down a fan for autographs and he frequently would stay until he made sure everyone received his signature. Because of this I have a fondness for him and thought for his birthday, August 25th, I would honor him by letting you know five statistical facts about him.

Warning: This will be incredibly biased

All-Star Snub: 1999

The 1999 season for Glanville was one worthy of some MVP votes and most certainly a trip to the All-Star game. He received neither. Glanville had 204 hits which include 38 doubles, 11 home runs, and 74 RBIs. He finished with a .325 batting average and 34 stolen bases while only getting caught twice! The shining star on a very bad Philadelphia Phillies team, the man deserved more that season.

Stolen Base Percentage

Glanville had a very impressive stolen base percentage. Based on the online calculator I just used, he stole 82% of the bases he attempted. In total Glanville managed to swipe 168 bases in 9 seasons and was caught only 36 times.

Outfield Assists

Never known as an outfielder with a great arm, Glanville was tested plenty. Unfortunately for base-runners, they underestimated the guy. Glanville had 12 outfield assists in 1997, 14 in 1998, and 13 in 1999. Not by any means a Gold Glove fielder, he made up for his shortcomings by gunning down a few runners who thought less of him than I do.

Beating Up Al Leiter and Curt Schilling

Two pitchers Glanville always seemed to hit were Al Leiter and Curt Schilling. Glanville managed to hit 3 home runs off of Leiter and had a .328 batting average against him. The opportunity to face Schilling was far less as they were teammates in Philadelphia however Glanville still hit two solo home runs off of him in only 14 chances. He also had a .357 career batting average against Schilling, just to add some extra insult.

Times Breaking My Heart: 0

Like I said earlier, Glanville was a classy man. No matter where the team was in the division or how he was doing on the field he always made time for the fans. Judging by the way he continues to interact on Facebook and on the broadcasts, I doubt much has changed. Players like this are rare. People like this are just as few. Thank you Doug for making Phillies baseball worth it when there were so few reasons to watch.

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