Baseball’s Eternal Opening Day

The New York Times
April 10, 2015
by Doug Glanville

Opening Week in major league baseball has come and gone in a flurry. One of my former teams, the Chicago Cubs, started the fireworks last Sunday, with a shutout loss at the hands of the Cardinals’ ace, Adam Wainwright. That kicked off a tough schedule for their new manager, Joe Maddon. No worries, it’s only April, the beginning of a six-, maybe seven-month marathon, and statistics at this point are volatile. This early in the season, players could be hitting .500 or even .000, teams are undefeated and stadiums are sold out, but this will change.

My job at ESPN forces me to recall my baseball past for the sake of good analysis, but it would come back to me anyway, because playing baseball for a living was a time I want to remember. I want to share the gritty details with my kids as soon as they know the definition of a backdoor slider or the infield fly rule.

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Photo Credit: Brian Bahr/Getty Images


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