World Series

World Series

Talking Existential Baseball With Doug Glanville

November 6, 2013

HuffPost Sports

by David Macaray  

Doug Glanville is one of those real-life "triple threats" that you occasionally hear about. A gifted athlete (nine seasons of major league baseball), an intellectual (Ivy League graduate and author), and -- in this age of in-your-face self-aggrandizement -- a genuinely thoughtful and modest man.

Series of Dreams

The New York Times

November 1, 2008

by Doug Glanville


For Game 5 (Part 1) of the Philadelphia-Tampa Bay World Series, I had the pleasure of bringing out the ball for the first pitch, to be thrown by former Phillies great and current United States Senator Jim Bunning. The world did not know what I knew at that moment: The Phillies were now ordained to win this game, no matter how many days it took. Because in my world, that moment was the convergence of all the magic in my life.

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