Talking Existential Baseball With Doug Glanville

November 6, 2013

HuffPost Sports

by David Macaray  

Doug Glanville is one of those real-life "triple threats" that you occasionally hear about. A gifted athlete (nine seasons of major league baseball), an intellectual (Ivy League graduate and author), and -- in this age of in-your-face self-aggrandizement -- a genuinely thoughtful and modest man.

One Among Many


October 12, 2012

by Doug Glanville

Most major leaguers begin their baseball lives head and shoulders above other players. They may have dominated Little League; at school, they might have stood tall even as freshmen among seniors; later, maybe they were a very high draft pick. Even so, there’s always a moment when they realize there is, and always will be, someone better.

Baseball is Never Perfect


June 5, 2012

by Doug Glanville

Players and umpires have their flaws, even while participating in historic moments like the Mets first ever no-hitter.

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