What Makes a Team Worth Saving?


April 24, 2012

by Doug Glanville

The recent sale of the L.A. Dodgers shows that history can be more important to a team's legacy than performance.

Sports dynasties are great for telling stories. They take us back to our high school basketball team that was undefeated, or that track star who always won the race. But when it comes to leaving a lasting legacy, being a dominant winner or a consistent champion year in and year out over a significant period of time actually matters much less than we think.

What Separates a Pro Athlete From His Money?


November 15, 2011

By Doug Glanville


When Michael Vick declared bankruptcy, it raised our eyebrows. Sure, we knew his legal defense against dogfighting charges would have cost a lot of money, but not THAT much money. He, like a host of other visible athletes, made bad investments and hired a fraudulent money manager. His new $100 million contract from the Eagles will help, but it’s also entirely possible that his financial implosion could happen all over again.

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