Are Sports Fans Really Out of Control?


October 10, 2012

by Doug Glanville

Fans have been unruly lately, but if we focus on specific incidents we lose sight of the overwhelming positive support.

Baseball is Never Perfect


June 5, 2012

by Doug Glanville

Players and umpires have their flaws, even while participating in historic moments like the Mets first ever no-hitter.

A Player’s Perspective on Fantasy Baseball


March 27, 2012

by Doug Glanville

Real sports and fantasy sports are now inseparable. And that's not a bad thing.

Baseball season is around the corner. But now, what goes hand in hand with the umpire yelling “play ball” in the first official game that will take place in Japan between Oakland and Seattle on Wednesday is the wave of six million plus fantasy baseball players who spend, on average, three hours per week managing their imaginary teams picked from real players and $175 a year on software, magazines and other research tools.

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