ESPN analyst picks Cole Hamels to win AL Cy Young; what about the Rangers in the World Series?

The Dallas News
March 30, 2016 
As the predictions keep rolling in, they are bringing more and more praise for the Rangers headed into the 2016 season.
ESPN analyst John Kruk recently made his pick for the AL Cy Young award winner and he went with Rangers lefty Cole Hamels. Here's what Kruk had to say about his pick:
"You think about it, wait a second, he's pitching in the Ballpark in Arlington. But for all of his career he pitched in Citizens Bank Park which is a great hitters ballpark. I don't think that's going to fluster him at all. I think the fact that they're going to be in it -- Texas, to me, is going to be relevant all year -- I think Cole Hamels steps up his game. Then they get Darvish back to take some of the heat off of him, with Derek Holland and the rest. I really think Cole Hamels, this year, is going to prove to people why the Texas Rangers went out and got him at the trade deadline."
Kruk's partner Doug Glanville also made a bold prediction that will make Rangers fans happy: He's got the club in the World Series, set to face the Washington Nationals. Here's what he had to say about the Rangers:
"What I love about them, this is a balanced offense. They can run you out of the stadium, they've got some pop, I like Ian Desmond, they've added some pieces, Prince Fielder looks like he's got momentum from last season. And I like their rotation. If Darvish comes back, that could be an addition by someone getting healthy. Cole Hamels, this is a team whose bullpen also held it down the second half of the season. Well-rounded."
Republished from The Dallas News.
Photo Credit:  The Dallas Morning News


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