Doug Glanville's Bill Would "Minimize Police-Civilian Interaction"

The Colin McEnroe Show
May 11, 2015
Former MLB player and current ESPN analyst Doug Glanville joined the Colin McEnroe Show on WNPR to discuss his "shoveling while black" incident, and the resulting legislation currently in the state senate that would limit the jurisdiction of municipal police officers who are enforcing local ordinances.
The bill was introduced in the House after an incident involving former Major League Baseball player and current ESPN analyst Doug Glanville. 
Glanville was approached and questioned by a West Hartford police officer while shoveling snow in his Hartford driveway. The officer said Glanville fit the description of an African American man who was going door to door, which would violate a West Hartford solicitation ordinance. 
Speaking on WNPR's The Colin McEnroe Show, Glanville said the legislation would prevent unnecessary interactions between law enforcement and the black community.
Listen to the interview here.


Photo Credit: Chion Wolf, WNPR



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