Doug Glanville: Sammy Sosa-Cubs reunion would be win-win

Chicago Tribune
May 18, 2015
By Fred Mitchell
Doug Glanville, a former teammate of Sammy Sosa, says the Cubs and Sosa should try to reconcile now that so much time has passed.
Allegations of performance-enhancing drug use by Sosa were rampant but never officially confirmed. While admitted steroid users such as Mark McGwire, Alex Rodriguez, Manny Ramirez and even Barry Bonds have been able to resume varied roles in baseball, the Cubs' all-time home run leader remains estranged. 
The Cubs have indicated they would be open to resume dialogue with Sosa, suggesting he needs to admit he used PEDs in order to be welcomed back.
"I don't know what Sammy Sosa's official position is, but I know that in the end it would be a good thing," Glanville, now an ESPN baseball analyst, told the Tribune by phone this weekend. "Especially in a game that likes forgiveness and when you are both willing to come to the table. I think you could figure out a way to move forward if both parties want to engage in it."
Glanville played for the Cubs in 1996 and '97, and again in 2003.
"When Sammy was on the team he was showing a lot of energy, he was fun and happy in the locker room. He just had a joy about the game," Glanville said. "He also worked extremely hard. He was there early hitting every day, hitting at the same time in the cage and he had his routine. So there was definitely a period where he embodied a lot of good things about Cubs baseball and certainly how to entertain your fans.
"Probably the challenge for him is how it sort of ended because of (Sosa leaving before the end of a game in 2004) and all that. In the end … everybody looks back and you hope to kind of repair things."
Last year, Sosa told ESPN Deportes: "I think there is something that has to be resolved. If there is something to clarify, we will sit down and clear it up. Time has given me the maturity to reflect upon many things, including knowing that one side doesn't have to be right all the time."
Republished from Chicago Tribune.
Photo Credit:  Sammy Sosa watches a two run homer against the Pittsburgh Pirates. (Nuccio DiNuzzo / Chicago Tribune)


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