NEW HAVEN, CONN. (January 10, 2019) . . . After a semester introducing his popular course at the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School for Communication, former Major League Baseball (MLB) player, baseball analyst/commentator, and author, Doug Glanville will be teaching his undergraduate political science and communications course titled  “Athletes, Activism, Public Policy, and the Media” at Yale University this spring. The course will bring together Glanville’s connections to sports, broadcasting, writing, and motivational speaking to examine the current relationship between sports, celebrity, and the power to communicate for social justice and policy change.
“Doug addresses the intersection between sports and culture in ways that unpack the many issues and complexities of that dynamic. Doug skillfully engages students while sharing his personal experiences to draw out the important concepts in the class,” explains Jeff Miller, Senior Vice President of Health and Safety Policy for the NFL and guest speaker at Glanville’s class at the University of Pennsylvania.
Sports have long been a vehicle for social change. Washington Nationals pitcher, Sean Doolittle reflects on being a guest speaker during Glanville’s class, “Professor Glanville helps his students see the influence athletes can have on our country and gives them the tools to help them use their voice to make an impact. And because of Professor Glanville’s unique background as a Major League Baseball Player, ESPN announcer, and writer, his students are able to meet people - athletes and media members alike – who are using their platform to try and make the world a better place.”
Founder and CEO of Citizen University and former White House speechwriter and policy adviser for President Bill Clinton, Eric Liu says, “I think Doug’s the perfect person to teach this kind of course. He has the standing as a sports insider, and he has the smarts to connect sports to the deeper social context of our times. A Yale University alumnus, Liu adds, “And I am excited he has brought this course to Yale.”
The course will pull from hot‐button and often controversial moments in our current political landscape from athletes protesting against racial inequality to the sports leagues' communication challenges to publicly address those concerns, each with unique impacts throughout the kaleidoscope of identities that shape our world. Students will develop a critical eye for approaches to social policy and how well those tactics yield the desired changes and deliver justice through the politics that can divide us. The course is open for registration by students who are enrolled as undergraduate students at Yale University for the spring 2019 semester.
“Doug’s class tackles a very important topic in a comprehensive and thought provoking manner. As a former professional athlete, TV commentator and writer, Doug is able to address the issues from multiple perspectives,” says David Pace, founder of Pace Sports and former SVP, General Counsel, and VP, Global Alliances and Endorsements at Reebok International. “From this class, students not only gain a better understanding of the issues, they also learn how to effectively speak to and address their concerns for social justice in today’s world.  An important and highly relevant course.”
Director of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies in Political Science and Associate Chair, Council on African Studies, David Simon explains the value Glanville and this course bring to Yale, “Glanville’s course forms a connection between sports, communication, and public policy like no other we have on campus. His is a rare combination of outstanding athletic ability, intellect and down-to-earth ease that makes him relatable to people from all walks of life. Simon continues, “As a lecturer, mentor, and role model, Doug will help students prepare to engage with today's political landscape by illuminating the intersection between media, sports, and social justice.”
The spirit of this course came from Glanville’s personal experiences as a retired MLB player, current and past work in the media, and years of civic engagement. Glanville has been an outspoken supporter for equity and inclusion, particularly where it intersects with community policing. Glanville explains, “As our country continues to recognize athletes and their role in civic advocacy, there is a significant opportunity to dig into the many aspects of their activism. It’s exciting to see students embrace social issues of today and make connections for addressing inequities in a diverse society.” Glanville hopes to incorporate the course into the student life by offering campus-wide events with guest speakers and serving as a connection point to athletes and others looking for a way to thoughtfully engage in community discussion.
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