Alex Cora could open minds, but for diverse MLB manager candidates the goalposts keep moving

The Athletic
October 23, 2018
by Doug Glanville
In​ 2016,​ when I​ worked​ with current​ Red Sox​ manager​ Alex​ Cora at​ ESPN, we​ had​ a respectful debate.​ The​ topic​ was​ around​ the​​ Selig Rule, Major League Baseball’s effort to ensure that diverse candidates are considered for opportunities to become managers and executives. Decision-makers. Our conversation was sparked when Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez was let go, a move that at the time completely wiped out MLB’s stock of Latino managers. Thirty managers; zero who were Latino. Even as Latino players represented over 30 percent of the league.
We had a robust discussion, agreeing on the principle that baseball was not representing all of its incredible on-field diversity in its leadership. Power, both on and off the field, was simply monochromatic.
Excerpt from The Athletic.
Photo Credit: The Athletic




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