25 Greatest Outfielders in Philadelphia Phillies History


October 17, 2012

By Greg Pinto

Here are a couple of things that you will hear a lot about during the offseason: the Philadelphia Phillies and outfielders.

Why? Well, there is just a mutual need. Gone are the days when the Phillies could pencil in a regular at all three outfield slots, and in are the days where the Phillies are in desperate need of a center fielder, are handing the reigns over to a guy who has been more potential than success at another spot and who knows what in the other.

Kind of makes you want to look back at some of this organization's better outfielders, doesn't it?

The Phillies are an interesting franchise insofar as that the majority of their greatest all-time position players are outfielders—including some recent names that make sense, some really old ones that may ring a bell and everything in between.

So, who's the greatest? Only one way to find out.

Doug Glanville didn't play on many good teams, so his numbers with the Phillies often get overlooked, but he was a quality center fielder with this club.

A very good defender, Glanville also had his moments offensively. He had surprising power that could sneak up on teams and good speed with the ability to swipe a base.

He never won any major awards, but the right-handed hitter was a solid, top-of-the-order bat for the Phillies for six seasons.

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